Thursday, 23 February 2012

Grammar Test 2 !!!!

Assalamualaikum peeps !!! This time around I wanna post about Grammar test !!
As a TESLian students, Grammar subject is one of the compulsary subject...
Which means we need to take Grammar subject !!!
No excuses !! haha...

BTW, today, I had just took 2nd grammar test...
This test includes all types of tenses and subject-verb agreement...
Frankly speaking, this test was extremely hard...
haha, now lets wait and see
either I studied enough or not !!!!
Chill out !!


  1. Weh, dgr susah?
    Harder than the previous test ke wei?!

  2. I had a hard time answering those questions...heeee

  3. yes.. maybe it is hard... I believe you can do it Farizul... hehe..