Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Karipap vs Empanada vs Tacos De Sesos

Previously, I had post about the differences between Karipap and Empanada.. If you didn't read it, please click to this link.. Karipap?? Empanada??

By the way, I want you guys to know about another food which is very similar to karipap and empanada which is Tacos De Sesos..

You must want to know what is the similarities and differences between these food..

The similarity is Tacos De Sesos have the similar shape with Karipap and Empanada..

Tacos de Sasos
Haha, now, I am pretty sure that all of you want to know what is the ingredient covered by this food.. huhu..

Actually the filling of this food is.............

Guess what??
That is beef brain !!!!
This sounds disgusting for me..
But, for Mexicans, they are really proud with this food ..

Furthermore, beef brain is really unhealthy as the gray matter of beef brain contains high level of cholesterol..

If you think that you are brave enough to feel extreme, lets try this exotic food :p


  1. Ya Allah... tengok pun takde selera

  2. Haha, tu kata, nampak macam karipap kan .

  3. errr -____- this is so -_- feel like vomiting -_-

  4. so what?? so disgusting right??