Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal

Assalamualaikum everyone..

Starting this week, all people around the world will focus for 2012 Summer Olympics at London.

And I as a Malaysian, would like to see the first gold medal since Malaysian team had never won gold medal since their first debut at 1956 Summer Olympics at Melbourne.

I hope that Malaysia will get the first gold medal on this edition.
Ok, Due to the fact that Malaysia had never won a gold medal, I would like to share with you guys about the gold medal on this edition.
Gold medal !!!

This medal weigh 375-400g, with 85 mm in diameter and 75 mm thick.
This gold medal also is made up of 92.5% of silver and 1.34% of gold, with the remainder copper..

The precious ore for the medals have been sponsored by Rio Tinto and was mined at Kennecott Utah Copper Mine at Salt Lake City, United States of America, as well as from the Oyu Tolgoi from Mongolia.

In conclusion, lets hope for Malaysia to get the first gold medal. MALAYSIA BOLEH !!!

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