Thursday, 19 April 2012

Penang Debate Open Part 1

Assalamualaikum everyone, today I will post on the first out of three parts of my journal on Penang Debate Open 2012...

FYI, this is my first time ever I compete in debate with university students and in my life :p

Other 2 posts I will post them on the blog later, Lets read on my 1st part of the journal.. :)

Sunday, 8th April 2012- I went from K.Terengganu to Kuantan for the training session of debate. The bus departed at 3.30 pm and arrived around 8.00 pm. You know what?? Only Nurrah Raudzia (GG)  and myself at the campus during that night. I am so scared because there are only two people in the campus. However, around at 11.00 pm, the  Malay debaters arrived at the campus from Johor. At that time, I feel a little bit relief.

Monday, 9th April 2012- The next day, gg and I waited for training. We predicted that the training will be start in the morning.   But, our training starts at 3 pm. Pergh !!! So great.. *sigh... BTW, my friend , Farizul Ikhmal went to the campus when he knew that I am at campus. We talk and ate lunch together. After the training for the first day, we have our dinner at Seafood Restaurant. I didn't have the camera, so I took the pictures from my friend, Sarah Khalil credit to her..
Tuesday, 10 April 2012- Once again, training starts at 3 pm. Late 2 hours than the actual time, at 1 pm. GG and I really want to watch The Hunger Games but we can't :'( After the training, around 8.30 pm, the debaters ate dinner at Crocodile Rock with Nurhanan KamaliaJainah JaafarRul Iman Nur RahidzabNash KubinashiAlliya Fuad, GG and Sarah Khalil. We ate nachos, spagetti, pizza, lasagna and chicken chop. Lets take a look !!!

Wednesday, 11th April 2012- GG and I feel that the training will start at 3 pm. So, we went to Megamall to withdraw the money as we will go to Penang tomorrow, Today, is the third and last day for training. You know what, our captain Jay, has asked me to become debaters. I am no longer adijucators. Huwaaaa. I had to debate with other good competitors.. This will not be good...

Ok, that's all for the first party of my journal. Please wait for my second post ok :)


  1. wahhh..will be waiting for ur next entry..

  2. The forth pic, is that lasagna? Wau, I miss lasagna from Zenith eventhough it tasted not as gud as Pizza's
    I think, the first post is all about eating and training... but, more to eating... hahaha3!!!

  3. yes it is.. my first part consist of training and eating only.. haha