Sunday, 22 April 2012

Penang Debate Open Part 2

Thursday 12th April 2012- At 8.00 am, the debaters of UiTM Kuantan go to Penang by our new bus !!! So comfortable and cozy.. Huweee... It was too cold in the bus since the air-con plays such an important role to change my body temperature.
Prepare to go to Penang   

In the bus :)
The happy family :D

During the journey, we stop for 5 times !! Pergh... We also watched the Hindustan movie, Mohabbatein, Dragon Gate and Undisputed 3.. Redemption. After watching 3 movies, we karaoke old Malay songs from 80's. 11 hours later, we arrived at UiTM P.Pinang. We sleep at Kolej Delima. The room is freaking awesome.. totally new..huhu.. The boys sleep at 2nd floor, D-A213, while the girls sleep at 6th floor. After we check-in the rooms, we go to main building for the training. There, I am amazed with the enormous fan ever I've seen before !!!

Friday, 13th April 2012- Around the morning, we just spend our time in the room only since there is no activity. After Friday prayer, we go to the main hall to hear the talk from Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM). Actually, the theme for this competition is "Protecting The Rights"
After hearing the talk, we wait until the night for the briefing and our first round of debate. For the first round, our team, UiTM Kuantan 3, consists of Muhammad Amirul Iman Kamaruzzaman, Farah Roslee and myself. We are the Government and we debate against UMK 1 with the motion, This House would not allow the teachers the right to strike. You know what?? We won !!! Alhamdulillah.. Yippey... hehe.. :) This winning have make our team to be more determined for the rest 4 rouns on tomorrow !!

Saturday, 14th April 2012- BURDEN DAY !!!! Arghhhh!!! We debate 4 rounds non-stop for 12 hours, starting from 8.00 am until 8.00 pm. with 4 different motions, 4 different teams and 4 different adijucators. On 2nd round, we are Government and we against UiTM Jengka 3 with the motion This House would allow women use their sexuality to advance their career. We lost by small margins. A very close debate with 2 points difference.. *sigh... Then, 3rd round. For this round, I really hate it as I didn't perform better than other 2 rounds before. We are opposition and we against USM 2. The motion is This House believe that gun ownership should be restricted  to law enforcement agencies. Once again, we lost and the chair of adijucators said it was very close debate.. Close debate AGAIN.. hahaha.. for the next 2 rounds, it was silent round which we will not know who will win the debate. Then, comes 4th round, we are the Government and we against UiTM Arau 1.. The motion is This House believe that the monarchy in Malaysia is irrelevant. After the debate, we make friends with them. They are Aisyaa Imz, Sajidah Lamperouge, and Nur Raihan Zaharudin. Then, it is time for 5th and last round. We are government and we against UMK 2. The motion is This House would not limit the visiting hours in prison.
Then, we go for dinner and later, we go back to the main hall to know either we can reach the break or not and we also want to know about the result of 4th and 5th round. The debate team of UiTM Kuantan didn't reach the break. For the 4th round, we lost. However, for the 5th round, Alhamdulillah, we won... It means that UiTM Kuantan 3 won 2 out of 5 rounds. Same goes to UiTM Kuantan 1 and 2 :)
English Debate family, UiTM Kuantan 1,2,3 and adijucators.
haha.. that's all for now. For the 3rd part, I will post it in another time, ok?? So long..

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