Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Penang Debate Open Part 3

Assalamualaikum peeps, how are you? I hope all of u in fine.. hehe.. First of all, I would like to say sorry to post very late on third one because I am busy with Medsi and interview... Now, I will continue on my third part of my journal... Enjoy..

Sunday 15th April 2012- On this day, UiTM Kuantan debaters take a chance to go to Georgetown since all of us didn't reach the break. At 12.00 pm, we went to the jetty at Butterworth by Rapid Penang Bus. Once arrived at the jetty, we take the ferry from Butterworth to Georgetown. The fare was just RM 1.20. Then, we took again bus to the Batu Ferringhi Beach. There, we ate Nasi Kandar at Mamak stall.
In front of UiTM Penang Hotel
Waiting for the bus
The view of Georgetown from the ferry
I wish I can sleep there...
On the bus to Batu Ferringhi
Nasi Kandar. Love it :)
Batu Ferringhi
From left, me, Bella, Nash and Sarah
After that, we went to KOMTAR for window-shopping. Then, we take a bus to Gurney Road. Several debaters didn't want to go there because they are too exhausted and they want to watch the finale. Once arrived, we take some pictures and having dinner. The food was really awesome. For instance, Pasembur, Sate, Laksa Penang and Char Kuey Teow..
The next Roxy Model.
Say cheese !!!
Pasembur stall
Then, around 9.00 pm, we went back to UiTM Pulau Pinang, Next, we went to main hall to watch the grand finale of BM debate. Haziq Jamaluddin, one of my seniors went through the finals. He was the 2nd best speaker and 3rd place in debate finale. We also had a dinner but I didn't eat because my stomach was so full with food that I already had. For English debate, as usual UT Mara 3 won against UT Mara 1 in the finale. Then, we took some pictures. Credit to Fiqree Syamim for the picture. Nice one :D

Monday, 16th April 2012- In the morning, I packed all of my stuffs to go back to Kuantan. Around 9.00 am, we went to K.L to send my friends since majority if debaters live at KL. From 20 people, it comes down to only 6 people in the bus.... *sigh.. On the bus I've met the new friends. His name is Fish @ Hafiz Nabil. Around 8.00 pm, we arrived at UiTM Kuantan. There, I dont want to sleep at the campus because there is no one stay at the campus. So, I decided to stay at my cousin's house for one night and the next day, I went back home....

Haha, that's all for my entry on Penang Debate Open 2012. This is my first competiton in debate. I have gain so much experience from joining this debate.. :)

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